Scholarship Fundraising and Criteria Policy (Approved 8/30/2023)

1. Introduction
This policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for raising funds to support scholarships
and establishing the criteria for awarding scholarships at the SI SE PUEDE Scholarship
Foundation. The primary goal of this policy is to ensure transparency, fairness, and the
efficient allocation of scholarship resources.

2. Fundraising for Scholarships
a. The SI SE PUEDE Scholarship Foundation is committed to offering scholarships to
deserving individuals to further their education. Fundraising efforts may include
donations from individuals, corporations, fundraising events, and grants from
b. The funds raised for scholarships will be managed separately from the organization's
general funds to ensure their dedicated use for scholarship purposes.

3. Scholarship Criteria Establishment
a. The criteria for awarding scholarships will be established based on the values and
goals of the SI SE PUEDE Scholarship Foundation and the agreed criteria with individual,
corporate, and organization partners. These criteria may include, but are not limited to,
academic merit, financial need, leadership qualities, community involvement, and
specific fields of study.
b. The Scholarship Committee, comprising members from diverse backgrounds, will be
responsible for developing and reviewing scholarship criteria. The committee will
include representatives from the SI SE PUEDE Scholarship Foundation and external
stakeholders such as partners, if applicable.

4. Criteria Development Process
a. The Scholarship Committee will periodically review and update the scholarship
criteria to ensure their relevance and alignment with the organization's objectives.
b. Input from partners may be sought to ensure the criteria reflect the changing
educational landscape and

5. Transparency and Communication
a. The established scholarship criteria will be clearly communicated to potential applicants through the organization's official website, scholarship application materials, and other relevant communication channels.
b. Any changes or updates to the scholarship criteria will be communicated well in advance to ensure all interested parties are aware of the modifications.

6. Selection Process
a. The Scholarship Committee will be responsible for evaluating scholarship applications based on the established criteria.
b. The selection process will be objective and free from any bias or discrimination. The committee will assess applications fairly and consistently.

7. Review and Monitoring
a.The SI SE PUEDE Scholarship Foundation will conduct periodic reviews of the scholarship program's effectiveness, including the fundraising efforts and the impact of the scholarships awarded.
b. Adjustments to the fundraising strategies or scholarship criteria may be made based on the review findings to optimize the program's impact.

8. Conclusion
This Scholarship Fundraising and Criteria Policy reflects the SI SE PUEDE Scholarship Foundation's commitment to providing meaningful financial support to deserving individuals and ensuring that the scholarship program operates with integrity, transparency, and fairness.